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Install MySql Workbench on Mac.



Install MySql Workbench on Mac

In this tutorial I will show you how to install Microsoft MySQL workbench on you Mac. First open up your brower and head over to 

Now click on 'Downloads' and scroll down to the very bottom. Here you will see MySQL Community Edition which is free. Then on the next page click on 'MySQL Community Server'. On this page you should see available downloads for MacOS at the bottom.

You can either choose to download .dmg or .tar.gz archive. Let's just download the .dmg archive. On the next page you can click 'No thanks just start my download'. 

After the .dmg file is downloaded open it up and double click on package file. This will launch an installation wizard which is pretty easy to use. Follow along the wizard and keep clicking continue and finall click on install. It might eventually ask for your password. This is the password you use to log in to your computer. 

It will continue the installation and then ask you for the root password you want to keep for MySQL server. Select 'Strong Password Encryption' and click next. Now type the password of your choice then click 'Finish'. (It might ask you for your computer password one more time).

Then click 'Close' and 'Move to Trash'. We are done.

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